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Ride Greener is a non profit organisation and stands up for ecological sustainable snowboarding and skiing. We, a group of winter sports enthusiastic snowboarders and skiers, are supporting the RIDE GREENER project since autumn 2011 on a charitable basis because we want future winters to be snow-covered. And we want to continue what we love to do: having fun in the mountains. 


We inform winter sports enthusiasts and give them advice on how they can reduce and minimize their carbon footprint. Our goal is to stopp the proceeding climate change. Therefore, we sensibilize winter athletes. But in order to continue with our efforts, we are reliant on donations. 


Are you interested in supporting RIDE GREENER in a financial way? Nothing easier than that. Each voluntary donation is in safe hands and will be reasonable used and invested at 100 % in our environmental campaign. With a donation you can actively contribute to the climate protection. 


Donation account nr. 60-501523-2


IBAN CH92 0900 0000 6050 1523 2


Many thanks for your precious support!