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CO2 Snowprint

10 Tips for Climate Friendly Ski and Snowboarding

Every snowboarder and skier can do his bit to stop the ongrowing global warming and prevent future snowless winters. Basically the following applies: Avoid, reduce or at least offset CO2 emissions.The following 10 methods show how we can easily do that without depriving ourselves of having fun in the snow!


  1. Take the bus or the train to the winter resort. Instead of being stuck in the trafic, you can take a nap in the train and still be the first on the slopes ;-)
  2. If it's not handy to get there by public transportation, fill your vehicle up with friends.
  3. Recycle: Never throw your rubbish in the snow; put it in the garbage bin.
  4. Before you buy your jacket, backpack, board or skis, ask if they are made of recycled material and sustainably produced according to ecological and social standards.
  5. Wax your board and skis with an environment-friendly product.
  6. Instead of throwing your old board in the bin, alter it into a splitboard.
  7. Support the organic farmers and eat the local products. Strong riders need healthy food!
  8. With some friends together, bild your own Jib Park in your area.
  9. Instead of Heliboarding and skiing in Alaska you can try out splitboarding or ski touring on your local mountain. It's not only cheaper but also a somewhat more intense mountain experience.
  10. Vote for politicians who follow a sustainable climate and environment policy.