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Respect the Wildlife

Although winter brings forth the utmost of emotions in skiers and snowboarders, for Ibex and friends, snow and cold means the harshest time of year. The short days and limited food supply puts a strain on the energy reserves of even the strongest of animals. Unlike us, there is no warm chalet or spicy raclette awaiting the animals after a cold windy day, but only another bitterly cold night. Besides all the stress factors like cold, short winter days with little sun, deep snow, storms, avalanches and food shortage, if a chamois is frightened by a wild powder-rowdy, its chances of survival drop significantly.


As opposed to grouse, chamois, ibex, deer, stags etc., we people are only guests in the mountains and we should behave accordingly by showing respect to the natural habitat of the wildlife. RIDE GREENER doesn't just stand for climate friendly riding but also for  a respectful approach to nature.


"Please do not disturb"

Thanks to the specially marked Wildlife sanctuary zones it shouldn't be too difficult to show consideration for their habitat. There is ample room outside of these protected zones to play around and draw his line into the snow. After all, you also wouldn't like it if a couple of wild chamois would trample through your living room. It is advisable therefore, to check out where the Wildlife sanctuary zones are located in your ski region or in the area of your tour destination before you head down the slopes.